Geriatric care at Carroll Hospital Center

What is Carroll Hospital Center doing to improve existing conditions for geriatric patients that are taken there because they are the only game in town. 
Most citizens of Carroll don't even realize the fact that Carroll Hospital Center has neglected the inclusion of care for fragile seniors with memory issues. They have no formal geriatric program... let alone memory care options. I guess the care for seniors with memory issues just doesn't pay well or something. They need a real "Caring for the entire community" support group, for they are lacking.
David Shamer December 25, 2013 at 02:18 PM
Changes in county programs usually start with a needs assessment. Do we have a need for geriatric support in Carroll County. I am not in agreement or disagreement with Mr. Harm on this issue. I'm my family's culture we tend too have our own traditional means of carring for our senior members and I suppose other families do also.


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