Gwyn Buell - CHANGE, Inc. Vocational Employee of the Year for 2013

Richard Glaser, Executive Director, CHANGE, Inc. presents award to Gwyn Buell
Richard Glaser, Executive Director, CHANGE, Inc. presents award to Gwyn Buell
Those who know Gwyn will tell you, she is a breath of fresh air.  Gwyn is quick to laugh and always has a smile on her face.  She warms every room she enters.  A diehard Ravens (specifically #5 Joe Flacco) fan and animal
lover, Gwyn has a lot to offer with her winning personality.  Gwyn is a
dedicated worker who takes pride in any task she is presented with.  Often taking on new jobs and tasks with zeal and flourish, Gwyn also volunteers at Mechanicsville Elementary, Winfield
Elementary and at SERRV in New Windsor.  
It gives us great pleasure to announce that Gwyn has been awarded the 2013 Employee of the Year award for her dedication and hard work in her jobs and volunteer work during the year. 
When asked to say a few words about Gwyn, a few of her fellow coworkers had these things to say about Gwyn, “Always choosing work before everything else.”  “Willing to take on tough jobs on her own.”  “Does great volunteer work and is always nice toeveryone.”  “Always pleasant & willing to step in when needed to fill a spot.”  “Volunteers at multiple locations.”  “Consistently pleasant and friendly.”  The list goes on and on.  
We should all be so lucky as to work with someone as terrific as Gwyn.  She has many lessons to
teach with regards to work ethic and human kindness.  We are very proud of Gwyn and her
accomplishments and feel fortunate to have her on our team. 

Congratulations on your award Gwyn!!! 


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