Are Marylanders Really Potty Mouths?

Maryland places in the top 5 in a study of people using curse words. Really?

Maryland residents rank high on a study of potty mouths. File | Patch
Maryland residents rank high on a study of potty mouths. File | Patch

Marylanders are gaining a reputation for their use of foul language, says WJZ TV.

The Marchex Institute study scanned for curse words, then linked the frequency of those words with all 50 states. Researchers examined more than 600,000 phone calls from the past 12 months placed by consumers to businesses across 30 industries, including cable and satellite companies, auto dealerships, pest control centers and more.

Following Washington State in the “Goody Two Shoes” category – states where people are least likely to curse – were Massachusetts (2nd place), Arizona (3rd place), Texas (4thplace), and neighboring Virginia (5th place), the study said.

Ranking behind Ohio in the “Sailors” category – states where people are most likely to curse – were: Maryland (2nd place), New Jersey (3rd place), Louisiana (4th place),  and Illinois (5th place).

The survey also showed that 66 percent of those who curse are men, and the incidence of cursing greatly increased if a customer service call was longer than 10 minutes, according to WJZ.


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