Kodiak, Hoffman, Indy Go and Others Ready for Adoption at the Humane Society

Here is a short list of some of the pets available for adoption at the Carroll County Humane Society.

Emma is a 4-year-old female Beagle.  The big smile on her face in her picture really shows her loving and happy personality.  She can’t wait to greet her new family with her wagging tail and tons of kisses.

Dyce is a big 2-year-old male American Bulldog Mix weighing in at 82 lbs.  He described as a super nice boy who loves being with people.   He would love someone to take a ‘gamble’ on him ASAP.

Hula is a 2-year-old spayed female Catahoula Leopard Mix.  She is described as an active girl who loves to have a good time.  While she is a very loving dog she could use some extra attention to help get her house broken.  She hopes her new owner comes to visit her soon.

Kodiak is a 5-year-old neutered male Rottweiler mix.  He is a big boy weighing about 100 lbs.  He is very strong but he also has very good manners and even knows a few tricks.

Heath is a 5-month-old male Cattle Dog/Lab mix.  He is a sweet medium sized dog with a great personality and very cute ears that stick straight out.

Doug is a 1-year-old neutered male black cat who has cute little ‘fangs’ that stick out a bit giving him a very unique smile.

Davy is a 10-month-old male cat. He is gray with bright green eyes.  He loves to knead with his paws and pose for pictures.  He hopes that someone will come by and visit him soon.

Hoffman is a 5-year-old neutered male/front declawed cat.  He is described as a ‘very, very nice kitty who is sure to become a new best friend’ to anyone who meets him.

Chloe is a 7-year-old spayed female cat who is beautifully colored and full of life.  She is described as a ‘must-see’ at the shelter who is beautiful and sweet as has many more years to live out with her new owner.

Indy Go is a 3-month-old male Hamster who is super fluffy and likes to be held.  He is ‘one cool doude’ who loves to stay on the go.’  He hopes that he and his other hamster friends at the shelter will find homes ASAP.  Adoption fee $3.00.

For a full list of cats for adoption click here

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Visit the Humane Society Website to learn about adoption requirements and see how you can volunteer to help animals in need.


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