Last Chance: A New Pet for Easter

Here is a short list of pets hoping for adoption at the Carroll County Humane Society.

Axle is a 7-week-old male Bully breed mix.  He is all packed up in an Easter basket, ready to be an Easter gift to his new family.

Baby Girl is a 5-year-old female Lab/Pointer Mix.  She has a very shiny coat and is a beautiful ‘brown-eyed girl’.

Chance is a 5-year-old male Lab mix.  He is full of personality and hopes a new family comes to adopt him for Easter.

Buddy is a 3-year-old neutered male cat.  He loves being with people and is looking for a new best friend.

Sparky is an 8-month old neutered male cat who is described as ‘super, awesome, wonderful and handsome’.  He has a special quality with his paw that he is happy to share to anyone who comes to meet him in person.

Tank is a 11-month-old neutered male cat.  He has very pretty colors and loves to do his daily stretches.  He is hoping to find a new owner who he can stretch with every day.

Wink is a 4-month-old Bearded Dragon.  He needs at least a 40 gallon tank in order to be nice and comfortable and would love to be adopted by a family who knows a lot about Bearded Dragons.  Adoption fee: $40.00.

Mickey is a 7-month-old male rabbit.  He and his 7-month-old sister Minnie both have black fur, black eyes and are hoping to ‘hop into’ a new family in time for Easter.  Adoption fee: $10.00 each.

Cats are spayed by the Westminster Veterinary Hospital.

For a full list of cats for adoption click here

For a full list of dogs for adoption click here.

For a full list of other animals for adoption click here.

Visit the Humane Society Website to learn about adoption requirements and see how you can volunteer to help animals in need.

Emily M. April 06, 2012 at 06:18 PM
This is a terrible way to promote pet adoption! I would NEVER consider getting a new pet as a gift for any type of holiday or celebration. Pets are a huge responsibility and require thoughtful planning and consideration. They don't stay cute puppies and kittens forever, they grow up to be dogs and cats and they are a lot of work! I am all about pet adoption, but PLEASE do not get a pet for your child for Easter and expect them to take care of it. At some point, the novelty will wear off and YOU will be caring for it. Often, these pets end up back at the shelter. It's truly sad...


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