Unique Holiday Gifts in Local Westminster Shops

Patch has found a variety of items that would make unique holiday gifts right here in locally owned and operated Westminster shops.

Eclecticity, 13 John St., Westminster

Phone: 240-409-4863

  • Hand crafted journals and wooden boxes:  Made by owner and artist Shawn Lockhart, journals are crafted with prints, washes and beads and wooden boxes are hand-carved and stained.   Each is offered in variety of shapes and sizes.  Price:  $15-$25
  •  Ornaments:  One-of-a–kind ornaments made by Leah Spencer.  Price:  $7-$20
  • “Fascinators”:  Made by Susan Williamson, fashionable headbands made from re-purposed neckties.  Price:  $12

…Check these things and all of the other hand-crafted items by local authors and artists.

Eclecticity will also be giving away one free book to every customer who comes in before Christmas Eve. 


Artworks & Apparel, 29 E Main St., Westminster 

Phone: 410-871-9590

  • Power Mate Plus: Portable Backup Battery for iPhone 3GS/4/4S Provides hours of extra use for your iPhone.  Just charge it, put it in your bag and use when needed.  (Seen recently on the Today Show.)  Price: $32.50
  • Lifetime Candles: Decorative soot-less, odorless and smokeless candles.  The wick is fiber glass, so it will never need to be replaced.  Price range: $28-$90.
  • Liztech Bracelets: Handmade bracelets wrapped with wire and vintage beads. Each bracelet is signed by the artist and has a permanent guarantee by the company. Price range: $74.50-$79.50
  • Refillable Perfume Spray: Able to attach to a favorite perfume bottle (with spray top), press to pump perfume in the spray bottle  $19.50

Stop by or see the website or Facebook page for additional items, pictures and info.


Clementine’s Boutique, 18 John St., Westminster  

Phone: 410-751-6255

  • Great Bay Pottery, Maryland Blue crab tableware and decorations:  Cups, bowls, plates and pitchers.  Price:  $6-29
  • Alice’s Pots:  Also includes Maryland Blue crab tableware and decor $5-30
  • Hand-crafted table toppers and runners: $20-30
  • Recycled Wine Bottle Items:  Melted wine bottles crafted into cheese trays, bread and butter spreaders, salsa mix trays and spoon holders.   Price:  $13-35

See the website or Facebook page for additional items and tons of pictures.


The Olde Liberty Shoppe, 39 Liberty St., Westminster

Phone: 410-751-5818

  • Pandora Jewelry: The Olde Liberty Shoppe sells a wide variety of Pandora jewelry including the newly released holiday beads and charms.  Price range: $25 and up.
  • Scarves:  Various styles and designs.  Price:  $18-$50
  • Scent Jar: Candles $14


The Hickory Stick, 28 Liberty St., Westminster

Phone: 410-848-4370

  • Vera Bradley Bags, Purses and Accessories: The Hickory Stick has the special privilege to be the only shop in the area offering Vera Bradley products.  Purses, Wallets, Pens, Bags and accessories all offered here.  Price: $14 and up
  • Mudpie Hats/Gloves/Scarves/Headwarmers:  Price: $20-44
  • Corkcicle: This wine bottle cork has a ‘icecicle’ attached that you freeze in the freezer and then place in the wine to help keep it cold. $25
  • Locally-made jams and preserves:  Local, seasonal preserves from Rare Opportunity Farm. Price:  $6
  • Wine glass sandals: “Drinkwear…for the foot of your glass” Price: $7
  • Door Knob and Pool Ball Wine Stoppers:  Price:  $31 - 35
  • Woozie Wine Bottle Insulators: $10
  • Crab Ornaments:  Tree décor shaped like crabs. Great for any die hard ‘Marylander’.  Price:  $10


The Cockey Shoppe, 216 E. Main St., Westminster

Phone: 410-848-6494

  • Local History Books: Ever wonder about the ‘Lost Town under Liberty Lake’, or wonder what was on Main Street back when horses still pulled wagons?  Find books about these and other fascinating local topics. $10-40
  • Livelsberger Sentimental Soaps: Local artists Patricia and Patrick Livelsberger hand craft soaps to honor loved ones or special occasions.  They even have a line called Fido’s Flea Flicker made especially for canine family members.

…Check out these things and additional art, jewelry, toys and more crafted by Local Artists.


Ballard Bunting Boutique, LLC, 77 E Main St., Westminster 

Phone: 410-857-1959

Marge’s Mega Bag: A hand crafted bag especially designed to do and carry anything.  Great to use as a diaper bag, gym bag, toy bag and more.

Check out this and more hand-sewn outfits, bags, purses, baby items and more...ect. 

The shop also makes things out of fabrics brought to them, for a truly custom, one-of-a kind gift.


The Pottery Loft, 25 E. Main St., Westminster

Phone: 410-857-4999

  • Paint a Gift:  For a truly unique and personal gift, head to the Pottery Loft and choose and paint your own. $10 and up
  • Gift certificates are also available so you and your loved one can spend this creative craft time together.



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