Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals Playoff Ticket Pricing

Third-party tickets can be as much as $30,000.

The Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals have both secured playoff spots, which means there will be October (and maybe November) baseball in the area. If you are not a season ticket holder, or weren’t lucky enough to purchase playoff pre-sale tickets from the individual teams, you will probably have to go to a secondary ticket company, Craigslist or other places.

What can you expect to pay for playoff tickets? Here's a comparison of regular season and post-season baseball ticket prices:



Regular Season Ticket Price Range

Post-Season Ticket Price Range, Team Website

Post-Season Ticket Price Range, Third-Party Website

Baltimore Orioles

$15 - $48

$20 - $100 (Wild Card/Division Series)

$40 - $175 (League Championship Series)

$70 - $305 (World Series)

$36 - $4,449 (Wild Card – StubHub)

$40 - $1,000 (Division Series – StubHub)

$235 - $1,650 (League Championship Series – StubHub)

$499 - $5,000 (World Series - StubHub)





Washington Nationals

$10 - $325

$35 - $425 (Wild Card/Division Series)

$70 - $450 (League Championship Series)

$135 - $475 (World Series)

$102 - $11,031 (Division Series - StubHub)

$124 - $10,004 (League Championship Series - StubHub)

$479 - $29, 453 (World Series - StubHub)


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