Sykesville Candle Company To Be Featured In Official CMA Awards Gift Lounge

The eco-friendly candles will be given out to celebrities in Nashville Nov. 1.

Dave and Anna Neith, owners of Sykesville-based Unwined Candles, will be showing off their wares to celebrities at this year’s 46th Annual CMA Awards in Nashville on Nov. 1.

The company, which makes and sells environmentally friendly candles, has been invited to setup a booth in the official backstage Presenter/ Performer Gift Lounge at the CMA Awards. There, they will display their candles and hand them out to the celebrities participating in the event.

The Unwined Candle Company got its start in Sykesville in 2011. Owner Dave Neith and his wife, Anna, came up with the concept of using recycled wine bottles to make candles after brainstorming ways to bring some extra income.

Dave and Anna both work full-time from home, but with three boys under the age of three, Dave said they wanted to figure out a way to earn some extra money without having to sacrifice time with their children.

“I wanted something out of the ordinary to replace the traditional candle jar, mason jar, or the metal tins that we always see. We tossed around a few ideas, and then I got my hands on some [wine] bottles," Dave said. 

Dave estimated that he and his wife normally spend 30-40 hours a week on the candle business but he added that production has been ramped up in preparing for the CMA Awards. 

"Every performer or talent in the shows will be given a gift pack with 3 Unwined Candles, and a gift card for another for free," Dave told Patch. "We plan to give out 300+ at the event."

Each candle is handmade by Dave and Anna from start to finish. On a weekly basis they collect bottles to be used. After soaking them, they take the labels off, cut, sand, and then dry them. Next, they prepare the wax, which is then hand-poured.

Once that process is complete, the candles are hand-labeled using a label that Dave designed himself.

“What sets us apart is that we do everything from start to finish so that every single candle is unique… a different color, different shape,” Anna said in a statement. “No two candles are identical. It’s really a labor of love.”

The candles cost $20 each online and they are available in some retail outlets. Visit www.unwinedcandles.com to learn more about the hand-made, eco-friendly candles.


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