Blog: 'They Were Wearing Cute Kids Stuff'

A local writer's comments on the short memory of many on the Newtown tradegy.

That’s chief medical examiner Dr. A. Wayne Carver 11 reply to a reporter asking what the 20 first-graders who were killed in the Newtown elementary school were wearing at the time.

And he went on to say, that of the autopsies he conducted ”some were shot at close range and some not, and varied from 3 to 11 rounds apiece.”

For identification purposes, he said families were provided photos of the victims, rather than allowing them to view the bodies of their loved ones, which in some instances were barely recognizable due to the extensive damage done by the high-velocity bullets fired by that military-style Bushmaster rifle, equipped with maximum-capacity clips.

Be that as it may, I couldn’t help but think that many of the parents would still have preferred to hold their children in their arms as they bid them a tearful goodby.

As one who lost a son on his fourth tour in Iraq, I know I would have.

And as I’ve seen one after another of the proposed gun controls go down in ignominious defeat in Congress, spearheaded by groups having a vested, economic interest in perpetuating the status quo, I’m aghast as to how quickly the memory of that massacre has, in the minds of many, become yesterday’s news, no longer worthy of dwelling on.

President Obama said it best the other day: “Shame on us if we’ve forgotten Newtown’s innocent victims.”

A platitude it’s not to parents who will remain immersed in grief untill the grave over the senseless, wanton slaughter of those they gave life to and nurtured with loving care, and who are now left with only pictures and belongings to hold and gaze at endlessly.

Quotes: “What makes people hard-hearted is, that each person has or, fancies he has, as much as they can bear in their own troubles.”  Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher

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