Absolutely Autumn: Week Ahead in Weather

Take advantage of the great fall weather to get some colorful holiday photos.

Weather this week isn’t looking too exciting; some sun, some clouds, cool temperatures – a typical fall week, according to the National Weather Service.

Today should remain cloudy with temperatures in the low-50s dropping to about 40 degrees tonight.

Tuesday will be partly sunny, with temperatures in the mid-50s during the day, dropping to the high-30s at night.

Partly sunny skies are forecast for Wednesday, with temperatures again in the mid-50s. At night, temperatures drop to the high 30s.

The sun should return for Thanksgiving Thursday, with temperatures in the high-50s during the day and the high-30s at night.

Don't miss a great opportunity to get outdoor fall photos! After a big dinner, send the kids outside to make a leaf pile. When they are done, tell them to go crazy running through it, jumping, throwing leaves -- and click away. The colors and happy kids will leave you with some shots worthy of a frame. 

Skies will remain mostly sunny on Friday, with temperatures expected to hit about 60 degrees during the day, dropping to the high-30s at night.


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