All Sun, All Week

The National Weather Service is forecasting not-quite-but-almost fall temperatures, too.

Ready for fall?

Well it’s not here yet, but this week we’re going to get a sneak peak – bright, sunny skies and temperatures just warm enough to remind us “it’s still summer” but cool enough to tease the fall weather ahead. 

The National Weather Service is forecasting clear, sunny skies this week. Every Day. Nights will be cool enough to turn off the air conditioner and open the windows. 

  • Tuesday will reach the high 70s, with a low at night in the mid-50s.
  • Temperatures will warm up a bit beginning Wednesday, highs in the low 80s. Lows at night will be in the mid 50s.
  • Thursday temperatures will also reach the low 80s, dropping to about 60 at night.
  • Friday’s high will reach the mid-80s, dropping to about 60 at night.

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