Animals in Need of a Good Home

Here is a short list of some of the pets available for adoption at the Carroll County Humane Society.

Diamond is a four-year-old female Lab mix.  She is described as very sweet and calm and a nice family pet.

Brodie is an eight-year-old male Westie.  He has lots of energy and seasonal allergies but with the right meds and lots of attention he is happy as can be.

Jack is a one-year-old mix breed.  Although not sure exactly what breeds he is made up of, he is definitely full of affection and excitement.

Grayson is a six-month-old male kitten.  He was an outdoor stray that is now looking for an indoor home and a loving family.

Oden is a one-year-old neutered male.  He is described as very “laid back”.

Joker is a five-month-old neutered male kitten.   He is a “funny” guy who can usually be found lying on his back waiting for a tummy scratch.  Adoption fee $30.00.

Lilly is an adult female Ball Python.  She loves to curl around your hand to give you a hug.  Adoption Fee: $40.00 with aquarium.


For a full list of cats for adoption click here.

For a full list of dogs for adoption click here.

For a full list of other animals for adoption click here.

Visit the Humane Society Website to learn about adoption requirements and see how you can volunteer to help animals in need.


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