Comment: 'The Romney Energy Plan will Help to Quicken the Eventual Extinction of the Human Species'

Patch rounds up the top comments of the week in Carroll County.

Readers took their opinions to Carroll County Patch sites this week and we have rounded up the most poignant, interesting, clever, funny and interesting of them.

"Part of the climate change scenario is the spread of disease through insects and other vermon as the climate zones spread northward with warming temperatures. The Romney energy plan will help to quicken the eventual extinction of the human species along with millions of other species that share this planet." -- David J Iacono

"My son will not start school until 9:30 this year and won't get off the bus until 4:30 in the afternoon. He won't eat lunch until 1:25. That's a really rough transition for kids who are used to starting and ending an hour earlier. That's going to be especially rough for the kids just entering school who will be exhausted before the day is even over." --KPereira

There's no wonder about why folks have stopped moving to Carroll and school enrollment is down....this after Shoemaker put the hard push on the need for the huge new school in Hampstead that is only utilizing half of it's capacity....such dummies..squandering taxpayer dollars at every turn. -- Buck Harmon

How could a city be so-oo wrong on so-oo many businesses? Westminster, you got it wrong on pizza, coffee, ice cream and Chinese! --RJ Teich


About this column: A collection of insightful, funny, even occasionally outrageous comments from Patch readers.


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