Planning Director Beyard Finishes Tour in Kuwait, Returns to Westminster

This will be the final dispatch from Westminster's Planning Director Thomas Beyard who spent the past year serving in the Army National Guard in Afghanistan and Kuwait.

Westminster's Department of Planning, Zoning and Development Director Thomas Beyard departed for a 400-day rotation with the Maryland Army National Guard late last summer.

Beyard joined the Guard in 1997 after years with the Army Reserve. He has worked for the city of Westminster for close to 24 years.

He has kept Patch users apprised of his work and adventures, through letters and photos, during his tour. We're thrilled to report that Mr. Beyard has finished his tour and is back on his home soil in Westminster. This is his final update from this tour.


Hello, I am home at last!!! After much travel to the USA and the demobilization process at Ft. Hood, Texas, I am now home for good!!!!!! If feels good to be in Westminster again!

As I left Kuwait, I left behind many good memories of service with thousands of great Soldiers! The Soldiers I served with are America's finest and I am proud to have served with each of them. And the families and friends of our Soldiers have supported them throughout the deployment and for that, a big thanks!

As I left Kuwait, I made some final photographs. This will be my last letter and my last photographs.

  • First, is CHU 4A - my home since last December. 
  • Second, Abrams tanks of our infrantry brothers
  • Three, a normal summer Shamal, which is 120F + weather and high winds and blowing sand
  • Four, a summer sunset with the Buehring water tank in the background
  • Five, our 29th CAB T-Wall with memories of all the units we served with
  • Six, the logo of the 35th CAB, who took the mission when we left Kuwait.

Thanks for your emails of support throughout the last year! It meant so much to me to hear from you. Have a great day!

Regards, Tom


See more of Beyard's Updates from the field:

romeo valianti August 21, 2012 at 02:26 PM
Welcome home and we also hope you made it back withou any difficulties. What a difference than when many of us were in the big world war 2 & the Korean war, We left our loved ones .wives , children parents. realatives and friends not knowing where we were going or for that matter of fact coming back home. The worst thing many of else felt the most , when writing letters to back home , we could not tell them where we were, or where we were going. THOSE WERE THE DAYS WHEN THOSE IN COMMAND SAID,LOOSE LIPS SINKS SHIPS. I only thank my Lord Savior that a lot of us made it back home safely.


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