Understanding 9/11: A Child's Reality

A six-year-old learns about 9/11.

Sherril Wehland submitted this touching with the following explanation.

My daughter and her husband took my 6-year-old grandson, Blake Freyman to the "Healing Field" just over the Maryland line in Pennsylvania.  My daughter captured Blake, looking at all the flags.  

Blake's dad, Tim, is a fireman and both my daughter Ashley and her husband sat down with Blake and explained at his level about 9/11.  

Because his father is a fireman, I know he was thinking of the fireman that perished in this horrible event along with all the other people.  

Blake is a deep thinker and this photo captures him in deep thought.

It's an amazing photo Sherril and we thank you for sharing it.

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withavengeance2 September 15, 2011 at 12:56 PM
Thank you for sharing this, Sherril. Your grandson's mom & dad are amazing people. This field is truly touching.


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