Comment: 'It's All A Part of Their Ongoing War on Women'

Here's what Westminster had to say about news this week.

Carroll County readers weighed in on the top news of the week, including stories on paying it forward, the sheriff's office working to earn re-accreditation and workout facilities in town.


I was in a Subway in Rockville, and a scruffy old guy came in and sat down and emptied his pockets on the table and started digging through lint and stuff trying to scrape together enough money for a sandwich. So I gave him a couple bucks. He looked a little embarrassed. I didn't say anything, he didn't say anything, we just looked in each other's eyes, but there was this sort of sad, dejected gratitude in his. I gave him a quick wink and left. --Jack White


Local Nonprofit Advocates for Reauthorization of Violence Against Women Act

Since Republicans in Congress voted against reauthorizing The Violence against Women Act, I guess they are for violence against women. It's all part of their ongoing war on women. Ladies, keep that in mind when you vote in November. --David J Iacono


Sheriff's Office Praised at Public Hearing

What we're all missing is that we are all human and make mistakes-I highly doubt the mistakes made in the recent murder investigation were intentionally committed. When Tregoning realized this mistake, HE called for the investigation-to me, that's to be commended, especially when we live in a world of cover ups by way too many of our elected officials. Let's wait for the investigation to be completed, the facts to be shown and go from there before we tar, feather and run them from the flag pole. --Michelle Jefferson


Sheriff's Office Praised at Public Hearing

This sounds like a token effort, or band aid fix to me. Accredited killers continue to roam the streets of Carroll. --Buck Harmon


New Business in Westminster

How is a new gym going to make it while a taxpayer funded gym is in direct competition (Westminster family center) ? The City of Westminster should not be providing duplicated services, especially in competition with local businesses. --Cosmopolitan


New Business in Westminster

We better close down public pools too. And Baltimore City and County and Frederick County and others better close down all those publically operated golf courses, too. Forget that economic development studies have shown that many times companies like to move to areas that have recreational opportunities for their executive AND their rank-and-file workers. --Ed


John D. Witiak April 24, 2012 at 12:12 PM
Commissioner Bartlett Frazier's belief that her brand of religion should be taught in K-12 offers little confidence that she will not salivate at the thought of her destroying public education and replacing it with private religious schools which teach that theocracy is better than democracy, especially with her own church's interpretation of God's Word telling us what we can and cannot believe. If she is as moral and pro U.S. Constitution as she claims she is, one would think that she would recuse herself from participating in any voting that has to do with the budget of Carroll County Public Schools. If she does not, Carroll Countians would be, in my view, just to demand that she does. budget of Carroll Country Public Schools.


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