Adapt, Coordinate, and Collaborate Groups Now Forming for Children and Youth

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 963 Bachmans Valley Rd Westminster MD 21158  See map

reConnect, Inc. is a non-profit Occupational Therapy (OT)  based organization that does one thing and does it well – help people Function to the best of their ability in society, Adapting to changes, Coordinating schedules and efforts,  and Collaborating well with those around them.

We all have times in our lives when things aren’t going the way we planned.  For some it’s the heartache of watching our children rejected, ridiculed, or even resented socially.  For some of us it’s an accident that causes a traumatic brain injury and changes in behavior.   Sometimes it’s something we’ve dealt with since birth, like a learning disability or delayed development. All of these challenges mean changing roles within a family or group and even the most mundane daily chore can take on insurmountable proportions.    

You probably feel like you’ve tried everything.  Or maybe you don’t even know where to start.  Please, allow us to help.  For those seeking to Communicate better, Interact more appropriately, and Interpret Information more correctly, reConnect uses unique Occupational Therapy centered activities to reach these goals. 

Our largest active program is reQUEST, an Equine Assisted Occupational Therapy (EAOT) option that uses horses as part of the therapy team, but is not and never will be a riding program.  Participants come to us for an hour a week for individual, family, or group sessions in our Therapy Building located on Bachmans Valley Road in Westminster.  Once there, they are given a special “Quest”, or activity, to complete that requires planning, movement, communication, and in some way involves the horses.

Why horses?  Because horses are herd animals and depend on their ability to scan and read the environment for survival, they are uniquely suited to help us SEE what we might be missing. Horses react to the body language associated with anxiety or contentment, acts of aggression, confidence, and isolation, even when we aren’t aware we’re sharing how we really feel. The horses in turn give visual and kinesthetic feedback that is much less threatening, more interesting, and easier to process than traditional office therapy might be.  Groups, couples and families develop the ability to work as a team with specific roles and rules for communication.  Those with trouble regulating their actions can see immediately what affect they have on others and can learn to moderate their behavior by getting instant feedback from the horses. 

We create each session specifically to meet the OT goals of the individuals, so no two sessions are ever exactly the same.  Behavior and function are key and participants focus on the ability to Adapt, Coordinate, and Collaborate. 
Social skills are naturally integrated into real life settings.  Even the unfamiliarity and often frightening feelings of being in a new environment with horses becomes part of the session.  Each session incorporates sensory integration, coordinating body movements, using body language effectively, and completion of tasks and creates consistent carryover into daily occupations.

Ourspring groups are forming now and start the week of February 15th.  We welcome the opportunity to talk with  you about your needs and if we’re able to serve you.  Please visit our website at www.reconnect-ot.com or call us at 443-386-3123.


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