PHOTOS: Does this Dog Belong to You?

Concerned Perry Hall residents submitted photos of a dog seen at the corner of Vicky Road and Ballygar Road Friday afternoon.

Patch users submitted several photos taken Friday afternoon of a at the corner of and Ballygar Road.

They believe the dog, seen for the first time two weeks ago, is a stray.

Do you know who this dog belongs to? Please post any information you have about the dog in the comments section.

Karen B January 01, 2012 at 03:07 AM
This poor dog is definitely not a stray. He has a collar and looks in really good health. I sure hope the owner knows about the Perry Hall Patch and will see their doggies pic on here. Thank God for me I have very caring neighbors. My dog is diabetic and blind and got out a week ago, because someone deliberately left the gate open. I was devastated, but thank God they knew that he belong to me and took very good care of him until my fiance was able to go across the street and get him. It breaks my heart to see stray dogs. I hope for the doggies sake his family will be reunited with her soon. I'm assuming it's a girl, because she is wearing a pink collar.
Red Dolphin January 01, 2012 at 12:10 PM
La lain, I think that Sally was speaking out of compassion,,,,,,,,,,it bothers her to see that dog lost like that,,,,,,,,, so she didnt mean to be harsh (did you Sally?),,,,,, Ihave rescued many a dog , right in front my house, and thru out the area, carrying a dog treat helps,,,,,,,,,,,, but its true sometimes they just run away from you, So Sally is just feeling the frustration of seeing a lost innocent pet roaming the streets hungry and cold,,,,,,,,,,,, if I see a stary I willtry to se if I can help it,, i will give it some water ( i carry a big bottle with me at all times, and some of my lunch :)
Red Dolphin January 01, 2012 at 12:16 PM
just the other day I rescued two temporarily stray dogs on Belair rd by Gunpwder they wetre troting donw US 1 , one had deer meat in its mouth, that it had gotten from some road killm I took them home after leving a messgae on the cell number that was on their collars . a half hour later the phone rang , happy ending!
Sally DeWitt January 01, 2012 at 02:56 PM
I work with two animal rescues and volunteer at a shelter. When you see the things I have seen and experience the things I have experienced, you tend to get a little tough at times. I am with Red Dolphin, I go out of my way to assist an animal in need whenever I can, and I have raised my five children to do the same. Two of my daughters are in veterinary medicine, again the stories are horrific. I know not everyone will go to such lengths to help an animal in need, it is so much easier to just turn your head, but thank you to people like Red Dolphin, what you do matters! There is a family hurting for that dog, hopefully there is another human out there to put their personal safety second and compassion first. Great pictures to work from :) I know, most people are just too busy in their lives to stop, I don't mean to be harsh, just passionate. I sent the pictures to the local vets. A dog that obviously cared for may be recognized. I have had luck doing this with stray dogs several times. Happy New Year.
Red Dolphin January 01, 2012 at 06:25 PM
you know it was vey nice of the patch folks to put this story on abou the lost dog,,,,,,,,, youdnt see that much any more, you use to be able to call the radio shows way back when,,,,,,,,,,and they would broadcast the specifics........ lots of times a dog that appears to be totally lost will go back home ... I miss my "shadow" he was a stray and he lived 8 yuears tilhe got cancer,,,,,,,,,, use to take him to snyder la. park,,,,,,,,,,,, and hed run all around but Id hook him up if I saw another doh walker arrive


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