Watch: Local Videographer Documents 'Every Day Heroes'

Gerry Wiseman shares his passion and his art as he captures life in Carroll County on video.

Gerry Wiseman, a Westminster resident, likes telling stories through video and lucky for us he regularly tells stories of life in and around Carroll County. 

Wiseman created this video titled "Every Day Heroes" of Maryland first responders who were at the Finksburg Library in June demonstrating the work they do every day to keep citizens safe.

Wiseman enjoys documenting life in Carroll County. He calls himself an expat Brit and told Patch he has been living in Maryland since 1956.  

Wiseman said he was born in the east of London in 1934 and was a WWII evacuee. He is a retired business forms salesman and designer.

He honed his video skills in film school at Towson University. He said he also produces videos at the Community Media Center, channel 19.

Wiseman was a Toastmaster for more than 20 years and said that his other passions are photography, "telling yarns" and cooking.

See more of Wiseman's work at this YouTube link.


Ken L. July 18, 2012 at 01:15 AM
Gerry Wisemen does a "great" job. Always interested to see his work and encourage Gerry to continue to share it with us.


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