How NOT to Show Your Love on Valentine's Day

Tips on what to do for Valentine's Day (and importantly what to AVOID!)

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Last year at this time, this blog gave you many ways to express your love on Valentine’s Day by shopping locally downtown. Many of you took this advice – you bought flowers at Flower Box, had dinner at Johansson’s, bought jewelry at Pomeroy’s and even more.  Last year’s advice still holds true of course, but this year we thought it would be great to give you tips on what NOT to do on this romantic day.  Since each gender approaches the holiday a little differently, here are some ideas for each group.

Ladies First.

We know just how difficult it is to select a gift for him during Christmas, let
alone a romantic day just a few weeks later. So as you look for that perfect gift for him, try to avoid the following:

  • Even though red and pink are the colors of Cupid’s big day, there are few men who can pull off wearing these colors. Unless your guy looks good in the scarlet, avoid the temptation of buying him a red sweater.  And please avoid the heart-inspired boxer shorts. Have you ever noticed that they are on clearance, even before February 14th?
  • Don’t buy socks, ties or bathrobes.  If God wanted men to wear bathrobes, they wouldn’t have invented sweatpants.
  • When planning a Valentine’s evening out with dinner and a movie, let him select the flick.  You may need to endure aliens invading or creating a new universe, but what the heck?  It’s his day too. Of course, you can hint about the amazing Foreign Film Festival at the Carroll Arts Center. You can also round out your date with a great meal at one of the fun restaurants downtown. Get a reservation and check out the incredible special meals planned just for you!
  • When out of ideas, buy a tool. While we women hate appliances, it seems that men can never have too many wrenches, ratchets or drills.  Or get him something for his bike at White's.
  • What about indulging his fantasy of being Eddie Van Halen and buying him a guitar at Coffey Music? Of course, be sure to add to the gift (and your hearing) by including lessons with it.

Now, when you get the gift from him…

Don’t pout if he doesn’t give you a romantic gift. Let’s face it; many men are not
good at buying presents.  Try not to return it, since he really did take the time to buy you a present and you may hurt his feelings if you take it back.  If it’s truly horrible, leave it out in plain sight for a few days, and then move it to a more inconspicuous place…then the closet…you get the idea. And I know this doesn’t apply to everyone – so if you have someone who really IS good at giving presents, be grateful!  And don’t rub it in to the rest of us.

Gentlemen, Start your Shopping.

We understand your quandary. You just don’t have time to shop.  You are clueless about what she wants.  You can’t wrap a gift to save your life. So here are some suggestions:

  • Valentine’s Day is about romance, not household chores. Here’s a universal rule for gift buying – no appliances, unless she asks for one outright.  Saying, “Our vacuum cleaner isn’t working as well as it once did” is not a hint, just a statement.  But if you need help determining what’s a hint, here’s one: “Gee, my finger is really cold and needs something sparkly to warm it up.” Now that is a bona fide request.  Unique Jewelry can help select something modern or vintage, depending on your honey’s taste.
  • Don't think it's all about spending money. Most women value a gift by the thought you placed in its selection.  If your heart is big but your budget is small, think about the gift that will show that you thought of her – her favorite candy, a handmade certificate for you to do housework, or an offer to take your kids to their next birthday party.  Now that’s a thought that will count!
  • Gifts need not be useful to be appreciated. Just because she can’t find a pen in her purse does not mean that she wants a pen and pencil set. Consider something she can admire, such as a framed picture of family. Visit the Pottery Loft and make her something from the kids. A little sentiment goes a long way!
  • And if she isn’t hinting, go ahead and ask her specifically what she wants. Or visit her favorite downtown store and ask the employees what she likes. These Main Street shops know your spouse and will help you find that gift – and most will even wrap it for you. Check out the new selections at Artworks & Apparel or Sidetracked.
  • Avoid the big boxes and resolve to shop local. That unique, thoughtful gift is right downtown and practically a guarantee that you’ll be giving something that is just for her.

What are YOU doing on Valentine’s Day downtown?  Let us know! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook! Visit www.facebook.com/downtownwestminster.  See you around downtown!

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