Blog: The Commissioner Frazier Mileage Saga Continues

This is just a brief update on the last blog about Commissioner Robin Frazier’s mileage reimbursements.

This is just a brief up-date on the last blog about Commissioner Robin Frazier’s expense account supplements to her regular county paycheck. As long as she continues to collect money from County coffers for mileage reimbursements and expenses that are an abuse of her office, I intend to keep getting the supporting documents from the county and writing about them so we all know just what sort of person we have impersonating an elected official here in Carroll.

It is increasingly difficult to provide this information on a timely basis as the County has decided to maximize the number of days it takes in providing the documents to me as allowed by State Law. Even though the documents are readily accessible by the County Comptroller, who issues the check as payment for them, it takes that office a full 30 days and then some to produce the documents to me. Let’s face it, I am writing this at first opportunity in mid-February, 2012 when the expense reports were filed for November and December, 2011 before the end of the year. The check to pay Frazier was cut on January 6, 2012. How well would that delivery of cost accounting play in the private sector?

For the record, both the November and December 2011 expense reports are signed by Robin Frazier and are approved by Chief-of-Staff Steve Powell. None off the documents have a beginning or ending odometer reading as required – they are simply left blank. Here is the accounting (October 2011 has already been detailed in an earlier blog):

November 2011:

11/3/11: $7.65 to travel from Frazier’s home to Baugher's
Restaurant for an agri-business breakfast $7.45

11/3/11 to travel from the County Office Building to the
MD Assoc. of Counties fall meeting / retreat in Annapolis $54.45

11/4/11 to travel from the MACO retreat in Annapolis to
her home: $59.40

11/11/11 to drive from her home to attend a Veteran’s Day
ceremony at North Carroll High School: $18.45 (That school is not in Frazier’s
district, it’s Shoemaker’s)

11/12/11 to drive from home to the Veteran’s Day ceremony
in Harney: $5.40

11/16/11 to drive from home to McDaniel College for an
unspecified reason: $11.25

11/16/11 to drive from the County Office Building to the
Ledo Pizza Restaurant in Eldersburg for a Nine-Twelve Group Meeting: $25.65

11/19/11 for a drive from home to Paradisos Restaurant in
Westminster to meet with citizens: $11.25

11/19/11 to drive from home (again) to the Arcadia Fire
Department [in Baltimore County] to meet with a citizen: $21.60

11/28/11 to drive from home to attend a Planning
Commission meeting at the County Office Building [Commissioner Frazier is not
the ex-officio member of the Planning Commission, Rothschild is.] $11.25

Total for mileage reimbursements for November 2011:

Now for December 2011:

12/1/11 To travel from home to the Manchester Fire Hall
for a MD Municipal League Chapter meeting (dinner): $18.90

12/2/11 To drive from her home to the Manchester Valley
High School for a FAA Banquet: $20.70

12/3/11 To drive from home to someplace in Mt. Airy  for an Annual Open House: $24.75 [it so happens as Mt. Airy is not in Commissioner Frazier’s district, it’s Rothschild’s)

12/8/11 to drive from home to the Friendly Farms
Restaurant in Baltimore County for an undisclosed reason: $20.70

12/12/11 to drive from Taneytown to the MD Senate Office
Building in Annapolis: $62.55

12/13/11 to drive from Taneytown to the County Office
Building to attend a meeting with the Carroll Legislative Delegation: $11.25

12/14/11 to drive from Taneytown to the County Office
Building in Westminster for a FAA Meeting: $11.25

12/15/11 to drive from home in Taneytown to the WTTR
Radio station in Westminster: $11.25

12/16/11 to drive from home to the North Carroll Senior
Center in Hampstead for a holiday meal [Hampstead is not in Frazier’s District,
it’s Shoemakers) $19.80

Total Mileage Reimbursement for December 2011: $201.15

So the total for Commissioner Frazier’s County Check
#231500 for mileage reimbursements for the months of October, November, and
December 2011 is $693.45

Speaking for myself, I don’t really care if Rob-“em” Frazier wants to attend these various political and social functions; I just wish she had some moral convictions about doing so by not expecting the rest of us in Carroll County to pay for her joy rides. We all have every right to go where we please and when we please in this great country but the rest don’t expect others to pay us for exercising that freedom.

If she really has County business in Annapolis, then she should be using one of the County pool cars available to the Commissioners and staff. They are all fueled up and ready to go at no additional charge to County taxpayers.

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Judith M. Smith February 22, 2012 at 07:08 PM
I do appreciate Commissioner Shoemaker's following his word that he gave when he ran for office...however, I wonder why there has not been any apparent pressure from other members of the BOC to stop this misuse of taxpayer's money to reimburse Ms.Frazier's gas mileage expenses. Commissioner Shoemaker has the right idea about not expecting reimbursement for things within the County...a Commissioner should be part of the "whole" of the county...not just their own district.
Kym Byrnes February 23, 2012 at 08:21 PM
Commissioner Howard shared with me this morning these mileage expense guidelines for county employees (It will have to appear in several posts): MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT GUIDELINES County vehicles should be used whenever available. Personal vehicles shall be used only when absolutely necessary. When employees or certain volunteers are required to utilize their personal vehicle, they will be reimbursed for expenses based on the following guidelines: A. An employee who travels from their residence to attend a work related function, that takes place over a period of an entire day so that the employee does not travel to their normal work location, shall be reimbursed for the total mileage incurred during his travel less the commute mileage he normally realizes from his residence to his normal work location. B. An employee who, at the direction and approval of their supervisor, returns to their normal work location or to a required function outside of his normal work location to perform essential services after previously completing a normal work day shall be reimbursed for the mileage incurred to and from his residence to the work location. The employee, to obtain reimbursement, must commute between the work location and his residence twice within the same day.
Kym Byrnes February 23, 2012 at 08:29 PM
MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT GUIDELINES Part 2: C. An employee who travels from his normal work location to another site to participate in a work related activity, and returns to the normal work location within the same day, shall be reimbursed for the mileage incurred in commuting from the normal work location to the other work related site. D. An employee who travels from his residence to a work related function, which takes place at a location other than the normal work location and, thereafter, proceeds to his normal work location, shall be reimbursed for the total mileage incurred less his normal commuting mileage. Likewise, an employee who travels from his normal work location to attend a seminar, training session, meeting, or other work related function, and subsequently proceeds to his residence, shall be reimbursed for the total mileage incurred less his normal commuting mileage.
Kym Byrnes February 23, 2012 at 08:30 PM
MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT GUIDELINES Part 3: MILEAGE REPORT This document is used to secure reimbursement for mileage only. It should be used for trips to and from meetings, seminars, workshops, etc. The report is prepared only when a personal vehicle is used. PROCEDURE: 1. Complete form as completely as possible. Include date and destinations. Also indicate the correct odometer readings (please round off, do not use tenths). 2. The mileage reimbursement rate is based on 90% of the Federal IRS rate. 3. Prepare a voucher payment containing authorized signature. 4. Forward the voucher payment and the expense report to Accounts Payable. EXPENSE REPORT This form initiates the reimbursement of expenses incurred while traveling to County related functions. PROCEDURE: 1. Complete expense report thoroughly. Indicate nature and amount of expense for each day involved. Be certain to offer as much explanation as possible. Refer to all advances and prepaid expenses. Attach all supporting receipts (without receipts, payment cannot be assured). 2. The expense report serves as the bill to the County. Prepare voucher payment and attach all supporting documents and forward to Accounts Payable. Be sure voucher payment has been properly approved and contains authorized signature.
Buck Harmon February 23, 2012 at 11:19 PM
Thanks for the follow up....I guess there are never any county vehicles available... who knows..


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