Music Industry Reaches Out to Connecticut

Musicians grieve with the world for the loss of children and brave souls.

Ke$sha's latest song, "Die Young" was removed from numerous playlists from radio stations across the country this week. That's probably the simplest way to describe the loss felt by the music industry over the shooting of innocent children: An opportunity to make money is thrown out for the grief accompanied by the loss of life, of family and friends. It is the right thing to do.  

In studios, basements, schools, bars, religious places and public squares, the multitude of performers and artists that make up an industry known for its casual shunning of a God are kneeling and praying. This isn't something that you're supposed to get "tired" of reading about. This event has made an impact on the people of this country and of the world.

Your idols that you had when you were a child, the ones you have today, Britney Spears, Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Rolling Stones, One Direction, Imagine Dragons, Florence + the Machine, just to name a few, they're not saying things to make headlines. They may not even be saying anything. It's because the notion that children would be harmed is so confoundedly terrible you can't even speak. I can barely write it myself.

I had originally planned on writing another song over this weekend, my own drive for music normally an unstoppable force.

But I didn't play. I couldn't. I just sat on my bed in silence, television off, lights dimmed, saying a prayer. To God? This article isn't about witnessing to any specific religion, but rather a witness to the souls of those children, of those teachers and that principal, who gave their lives in an attempt to save others. There are people that I love that work in schools, that love to teach, and I wondered how terrible and devastating it would be to have something happen to them. I know I can't truly appreciate their loss, nor can those artists you listen too as you live your life. But those artists' silence or their response are heartfelt.

You know I don't like Ke$sha that much, but pulling her music off of radio lists should not hurt her in the least. Behind the show and the glamour of fame there is a sensitive person, as all musicians are, and she will love those children she has never met, nor ever will. She will mourn their loss as you do, and as I do.

Our country will love those children as their families do, and music will be written for them and will be inspired by them. They had so many gifts to give us and there is a world they will never get to see. They are a lost generation, those few souls. Expect to hear more from musicians across the world, as our anger and grief represents that of nations and people.

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