Delegate Ready Endorses Bongino, Timmerman, Harris

In this letter to the editor, Delegate Justin Ready announces his support of candidates running for Congress and the U.S. Senate.

The Presidential election is weeks away. This is an important election for Carroll County. Because of redistricting, Roscoe Bartlett will no longer be serving Carroll County.  We have been split between Congressional Districts 1 and 8.  This means that Carroll residents have to make new choices about candidates they may not be familiar with. There is also a crucial U.S. Senate race.

For U.S. Senate, I’m proud to endorse Daniel Bongino. Dan is a breath of fresh air. He’s served as a top agent in the U.S. Secret Service where he was on the Presidential detail.  Dan’s also a small business owner and understands that what our nation and state need are jobs, not higher taxes.  I know that he’ll be a fiercely independent voice for Maryland, independent of inside-the-beltway special interests.  For Congress, I am in full support of Rep. Andy Harris in District 1 (Northern Carroll) and Ken Timmerman in District 8 (Southern and Central Carroll). They share my  concerns about our sluggish economy, and believe that the United States must stand strong in a very dangerous world. More importantly, they have a record of following through, not just talking.

Ken Timmerman has had a successful career as a nationally recognized investigative reporter and worked extensively in helping the families of victims of September 11th.  He is very knowledgeable on the Middle East and has a 10 point plan to help stimulate economic growth in Carroll County. Job creation is one of my top priorities as a Maryland legislator. I know Ken will fight to remove barriers from our businesses that keep them from growing.

In District 1, the same can be said for Andy Harris.  He’s a doer not a talker. As a State Senator and now as a Congressman, Andy has an impeccable record of fighting for working people and job creators.  He has co-sponsored several job creation bills that would strengthen our economy and, as a veteran, Andy Harris knows how important it is for America to lead and not be cowed in the face of terrorism.

With Andy Harris and Ken Timmerman representing Carroll County in the U.S. Congress and Dan Bongino fighting for us in the U.S. Senate, I firmly believe that we can get our state and our nation back on the right track.  I respectfully ask for your support of these outstanding conservative leaders on November 6th.

David J Iacono September 26, 2012 at 01:26 PM
As usually, Justin Ready always endorses the losers.


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