Letter to the Editor: In Support of Carroll County Commissioners

A Westminster resident respects the work of the Carroll County commissioners.

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the Board of Commissioners, in particular Commissioners Rothschild and Frazier, for their principled stand on property rights in their fight against PlanMaryland, (the State’s plan for totalitarian control over our property and lives). For this they are being attacked by a small but vocal  group of liberal activists or collectivists, who  help further entrench the first plank of Marx’s Manifesto, the abolishment of private property with Soviet style central planning. 

The commissioners are being subjected to misquotes (lies), invective, and much demagoguery by this local group.   There is an arrogance to their position that the enlightened vision of state central planners are to be trusted more than the free market solutions offered by an educated intellect. For example Judy Hake stated that “It seems to me that these questions are way bigger than most of us little people down here in the trenches”. Never have the commissioners said that they are for the destruction of the environment, they are not climate change deniers, but are merely trying to keep private property under the control of the people who own it, and not the State.

Rights and freedom must always be aggressively asserted. The un-infringed right to private property, and the right to use it as the owner sees fit as long as he does not injure another’s person or property, is the very foundation of Liberty.  Has the government ever been cost effective by violating the constitutions and hence the free market?

History teaches us that when God Fearing people establish a government, like ours, modeled after God’s Plan (to secure inalienable Rights), it brings about a state of prosperity and tranquility, eventually resulting in apathy, allowing people with designs for power and profit and or lacking in knowledge and wisdom,  to take over political offices by promising anything and everything.  The outcome of this is always the loss of our inalienable God Given Rights.   When someone tries to do what is right and correct this, he is attacked because he is a threat to this corrupt establishment power. Even Christ was crucified for upsetting the bankers of his day. 

I personally am glad to see representatives finally speaking of constitutionally limited government, when the Federal and State Constitutions are ignored and violated so seditiously.  Labeling the PlanMaryland – U.N. Agenda 21 connection a conspiracy theory is absurd.  A serious study of PlanMaryland, Agenda 21, the Presidents Council for Sustainable Development, and the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives , shows how they all correlate.  These U.N. originated schemes are not merely for third world countries, as the local group of collectivists have contended.  

More counties across the country are removing themselves from ICLEI and Sustainable Development, as defined by Agenda 21 and Plan Maryland, thanks to the lead of our County Commissioners.  Those who snicker, laugh, or deny these realities, are either simply ignorant of the facts and procedures, or want you to remain ignorant of the facts and procedures.

“Manmade Global Warming” has become the new threat to our very existence just like the “Wars” on poverty, drugs, guns, terrorism - you name it; government loves to control us by keeping us in fear for our own “good.”  So be careful to verify the things you read, you just may start to believe it.

George Abrahm Otto III

Ross Dangel November 22, 2011 at 07:33 PM
Were it not so sad that someone could be so deluded and out of touch with reality, it would be funny. There's not a single shred of real evidence to support anything that Mr. Otto is saying here. The break with sanity is profound and disturbing. People, like Otto and Rothschild who believe in such wild conspiracy theories need to get help, as they are losing their grip on the ability to reason. It is easy to tell if something is horse hockey...if it sounds crazy and cannot be easily verified, it usually is crazy! Otto and Rothschild are not our saviors and they aren't privy to some secret information...they are making it up as they go along and expecting people to be too stupid to pull it apart and know the difference between fact and fiction. Wake up, these people aren't playing with a full deck!
Robert Armstrong November 22, 2011 at 10:51 PM
LOL Is this Simpson guy the same wingnut that linked the Catholic Church to Muslim terrorists and Cuba?? http://www.aim.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/CASA-de-Maryland-Radical-Connections-FINAL.pdf I have heard some "far out there" conspiracy theories but this one is a doozy.
Judith M. Smith November 23, 2011 at 12:01 AM
Robert Armstrong November 23, 2011 at 09:29 PM
LOL Your tax dollars at work!


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