'Illeagle' Graffiti is Gone from Westminster Army Building

The 'no illeagles here...' message is reportedly no longer visible.

Former U.S. Army Reserve building on Malcolm Drive in Westminster (Credit: WBAL/YouTube)
Former U.S. Army Reserve building on Malcolm Drive in Westminster (Credit: WBAL/YouTube)
The spray-painted message on the former U.S. Army Reserve building in Westminster that police are investigating as a hate crime has reportedly been covered up.

The graffiti—which said "no illeagles here no undocumented Democrats"—was spray-painted after the federal government was considering the Carroll County building for a shelter to house immigrant children crossing the Mexican border. By law, the U.S. has to keep children who cross the border without adults until they can be reunited with a relative or adult sponsor.

After the announcement that the government was considering Westminster for the shelter was made public Thursday, U.S. Rep. Andy Harris said he would "use every tool at my disposal" to block funding to support siting the shelter in Westminster.

Harris was not the only one encouraging the feds to pass on the site.

Gov. Martin O'Malley reportedly asked a top White House official on Friday night not to send the children to "western Maryland," according to CNN.

"I did not believe ... that this would have been the most hospitable receiving of sites," O'Malley told WBAL. His aides clarified that he was not necessarily against housing the children in Maryland but was concerned about putting the shelter in a conservative part of the state where "children were at risk of getting harassed or worse," according to ABC News.

By Saturday, government officials said the site was out of the running.

Over the weekend, the "illeagle" graffiti was spray-painted on the side of the building in Westminster, and it made national news.

The message was covered with "brick-colored paint" on Tuesday, the Carroll County Times reported. 

The Carroll County Department of Public Works said it was not responsible for the painting, while Maryland State Police said a citizen had called the Westminster barrack on Monday to inquire about painting over the graffiti and was directed to Army officials, the Carroll County Times reported.

Michael July 21, 2014 at 07:39 AM
I don't understand all the uproar about the spray-painted message "no ill eagles." I don't think any community would want sick birds around. I mean, who knows what disease is making them ill, or what other diseases they are carrying. It could be something as deadly as "bird flu." Only lax security could allow this to happen and sometimes it takes notices spray painted on the side of building to make people sit up and take notice. .....................As for the "no undocumented Democrats" message....? All I can say is that America has been trying to rid itself of them for well over a hundred years, but they have proven to be tough vermin. It's almost like they suddenly materialize out of nowhere speaking in foreign tongues, or just pop out of holes in the ground like snakes. Its been a tough battle, but they will eventually be eradicated.
Mike Francis July 21, 2014 at 07:47 AM
Political statements are now considered hate crimes?
Steven Spiegel July 21, 2014 at 08:19 AM
I never knew that a person who wants his country to do there job and get illegal infiltrators out of our country was a hate crime !!! No matter how you slice it this is the United States of America . No other country allows people to just pack up and move in to there country without being documented . Look at all the other foreign countries that kill people for crossing there borders they don't call them racists . I call them protective of what is theirs. What is this county called know Base cant touch me like a kids game ? We need to take some lessons from other countries and grow our balls back and not give a shit what others think of us and start gathering these people up and sending them home . I would start out by legally documenting that they are here and then give them a eviction notice and if they get caught here after a certain time I would arrest them and send them back home . If they misplace a few families then word will get around and it will give them the incentive to leave . Let them do what every other country has to do and fight for there freedom and there right to a uncorrupt government . We are going by what the drug cartels tell us what to do because after all most South American Government official's are tied in with them .
Katherine Glaser July 21, 2014 at 12:30 PM
how many orphans have entered?
Katherine Glaser July 22, 2014 at 02:54 AM
I was under the impression that all sorts of weird countries take-in 1000's of refugees. As A Christian nation, we can't house Cristian toddlers. The statement if their prints r illegals,they r. Uh,orphans don't have parents. If your children were orphans, would u want them forced into murderous gangs?,raped or left to die in the dessert. Maybe u people r not Christians so I respect your right to feel hatred toward children, but painting graffiti is a crime. Actually, it's a gang-type crime. that some of u fear these toddlers will teach your children. I bileve children look at their parents, so lead them the way you'd like them to go.As far as the language thing. I would like to learn Spanish to help teach English. I don't recall many violent immigrants learning Native American, when we stole their land.Actually, sadly people calling themselves Christian (including) Columbus tortured Natives in their own country, if they didn't learn English


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