Hampstead Neighborhood Hit by Thieves, Vandals Over Weekend

Property was stolen from more than 50 unlocked cars before daylight Sunday morning.

Residents in Hampstead's Northbrook neighborhood awoke Sunday morning to find that more than 50 vehicles had been stolen from and/or vandalized overnight, police said.

According to a police report, thieves moved through the Northbrook neighborhood, entering more than 50 unlocked cars parked in driveways along Broadmoor and Glenside Court, Woldholme, Allview and Schaefer Drives. 

Thieves removed more than $1,300 worth of portable electronics, change, jewelry and other valuables from unlocked vehicles, police said.

Before leaving undetected, the group slashed a car tire, a convertible Jeep top and pushed several vehicles from driveways, one of which traveled across the street where it struck a tree, according to police reports. Preliminary damages are estimated at more than $6,000. 

Major Philip Kasten, of the Carroll County Sheriff's Department, said officials are not ruling out a connection between this rash of thefts and vandalism and a similar rash of thefts and vandalism that occurred in early August in Westminster.

"We believe there are persons that are aware of who is responsible for committing both offenses – we are appealing to them to come forward and share that information with deputies, even if it’s done anonymously," Kasten told Patch.

Sheriff’s Deputies and Crime Scene Technicians worked all day Sunday collecting information from crime victims and processing the vandalized vehicles for fingerprint and DNA evidence. 

Police are urging residents to roll-up car windows, lock car doors and remove valuables from site when leaving vehicles unattended.  Also, residents are asked to report unfamiliar vehicles and persons roaming neighborhoods and parking lots during the late evening and early morning hours. 

Anyone with information about these incidents, or anyone who still needs to make a report to police, is asked to contact the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office at 410-386-2900, or the toll free anonymous TIPS Hotline at 1-888-399-TIPP (8477). 

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Buck Harmon September 25, 2012 at 12:42 PM
The cost of the investigation has already far exceeded the theft total and should be included as a part of the theft....those with un locked cars in this neighborhood should be issued dummy citations...
srfrgirl4 September 25, 2012 at 05:12 PM
that's a little harsh Buck, I'd like to think I live in a safe neighborhood...not like they were parked at the mall with doors unlocked.


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