Police: Plainfield Man Tried to Kidnap Woman at Knifepoint

Erin E. Johnson is charged with kidnapping, vehicular hijacking after allegedly trying to force woman into car early Tuesay.

A Plainfield man is facing several felony charges after allegedly attempting to abduct a woman at knifepoint as she got into her vehicle early Tuesday morning in the 16300 block of Fairfield Drive, police said.

Erin E. Johnson, 19, of 16941 Plainsman Circle is charged with kidnapping, aggravated vehicular hijacking, armed robbery, aggravated battery and aggravated assault.

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Sgt. Mike Fisher said the victim was getting into her car around 4:22 a.m. when Johnson attempted to push her into the passenger seat of the vehicle.

“It appeared to be his intent to take her and the vehicle,” Fisher said. “She was warming up her car to go to work, and he came up to her and got in her face and was pushing her into the passenger seat.”

Fisher said the woman struggled with her attacker, who fled when a neighbor heard the commotion and intervened. The victim suffered minor injuries in the attack, police said.

“Her neighbor did a great job,” Fisher said. “He knew something was going on and he got involved and probably averted her from getting injured any further.”

In a press release, Sgt. Kevin McQuaid said police gathered evidence from the scene and began an “extensive manhunt,” using both the Plainfield and Joliet police K-9 units to track.

Fisher said having two K-9 units on hand helped speed up the search, allowing police to let one dog to rest while using the other to track the suspect.

Johnson was located at around 6 a.m. in the backyard of a home on Plainsman Circle, police said. He was booked into the Will County jail and is due in court Wednesday afternoon.

Fisher said the dogs tracked Johnson through a wooded area and farm field back to his own neighborhood.

Without elaborating, Fisher said events that occured Monday evening gave police a clue that Johnson may have been involved in the attempted kidnapping.

Noting that Johnson is well known to police, Fisher said “key evidence” left at the scene gave police an idea of which direction he may have been heading. He declined to specify what evidence was found, citing an ongoing investigation.

According to Fisher, police believe the attempted hijacking was a crime of opportunity and don’t think Johnson targeted the victim.

He praised the woman’s neighbor for getting involved, adding that the victim’s screams prompted several residents of the neighborhood to call 911.

“This guy did the right thing,” Fisher said. “He got involved just the right amount to prevent her from getting more injured and not get hurt himself.

" ... She's pretty shaken up," Fisher said of the victim, adding one precaution residents can take to protect themselves is to try to be aware of their surroundings.

"Watch what's going on," he said. "And watch out for your neighbors."


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John Roberts November 19, 2012 at 02:05 PM
All of you anti gun nuts should do yourselves a favor and type into YouTube or google homemade single shot pistol or homemade machine guns and you would be surprised what you would leave yourself up against not to mention the precise weapons the military has...lol...there is even homemade single shot pistols that shoot shotgun shells.lmao....just keep imagining your perfect world how you think it is and us people who live with reality and understand the real world full of murders,rapists,child abductors,home invaders,thieve,con artists,scammers, and when one of these kinds of people invade your liberties..us guns rights nuts will fully understand when you start packing heat or at least begin to understand where gun rights people are coming from...Even if I never own a gun or if I do I would never want guns banned from citizens..we are all only human we appoint labeled positions but in the end the people we appoint are humans too and some humans with derranged ideas make it into power and end up with too much of it.Guns are not only for hunting they are to protect yourself from some ass that wants to car jack you too and invade upon your personal freedom,safety,and liberties.....even government through out time has been know to prove its self sometimes to do criminal things against its citizens..."in the name of Public Safety" ..
John Roberts November 19, 2012 at 02:19 PM
@ Ron..ok well let's say someone came into your house right now..bam you hear the door..maybe you don't...look around...where exactly are the police? The military? Nowhere.its just you and the criminal....in your house,invading your freedom,your property...the guy comes at you..are the police there yet?..how are they going to know your being invaded....you going to ask the criminal to hold on while you call the police?...good luck bud...while this guy attacks you..the other guy that came with him gets your wallet,sees pictures of your kids,learns who your wife is..sees pictures of your kids school...you know gathering information on your family while robbing and beating you.....are the police,military there yet?....probably not but you might have the chance to call the cops,start and investigation,maybe catch the people who have all the information they need on you to blackmail you into keeping your mouth shut...and the police they will get to your case when they get a chance...military..chances are police are not contacting them either....label units how ever you want they are still people and the only way to maybe protect yourself is to have a police officer or military personnel live with you and be on guard 24/7 but even they a routine will most likely be followed and know what happens to routines..they get calculated and breached and used against the people with routines...the real reality of this world sucks but it is a reality....You would be left defenseless...
Ernie Knight November 19, 2012 at 06:32 PM
John, "Criminal Justice" texts used by television advertised training sources, are likely NOT associated in any way with official law enforcement training. Illinois police academys use no such texts. I'm certain it's possible to find a book that says what you have related. I'm equally certain that it would not be a part of a State, Federal or municipal sanctioned law enforcement training.
georgia January 10, 2013 at 02:20 AM
Whatever happened to him?
victor castillo March 07, 2013 at 06:11 PM
Man I know this kid I kinda grew up with him what an idiot.


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