Aberdeen Proving Ground Sewage Overflows After Heavy Rain

Thursday's rain caused an overflow into King's Creek and the Bush River.

Extreme rainfall caused a sewage overflow Thursday at a wastewater treatment plant on the Edgewood area of Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG).

Rainfall of about two inches in 24 hours led to roughly 3,000 gallons of partially treated sewage to overflow from tanks at the plant and into King's Creek and the Bush River, according to a news release from APG.

APG officials notified the Harford County Department of Health and Maryland Department of the Environment, and took steps to mitigate the exposure to people in the area, according to the release.

"Lime was applied to the affected area and signs were posted indicating 'No Fishing, No Crabbing, No Shellfish Harvesting, No Swimming,' in the area until further notice," the release stated.

APG Edgewood area officials will monitor the impacted area, the release said. 

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George Helm February 01, 2013 at 07:40 PM
This has been happening for years and nothing gets changed with our do as I say not as I do government. I remember reading that Gov. Bob had the feds commit 20mil to upgrade the system but then he got thrown out and I guess O'Malley used the money elsewhere. Sure is glad we have the flush tax that just doubled but that won't affect the feds to help the bay. All you past enablers for more taxes in Harford county how about piping in on a real issue that something should be done about, without more tax callings or is that impossible. You know who you are and I remember and awaiting an answer from you hotel tax backers!


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