Carroll County Commissioners Approve Proposed Budget in 3-2 Vote

Two commissioners objected to recurring costs that may not be covered by future revenue.

Although several citizens urged the  Board of Commissioners to make further cuts in the county budget, the board voted 3-2 to approve the budget in a regularly scheduled open meeting Tuesday.

The budget includes a one-cent property tax decrease and education funding at $164 million. The commissioners introduced the budget in late April and have held five public hearings around the county.

Commissioners Richard Rothschild and Robin Bartlett-Frazier , contending that the budget includes recurring costs for future years when it is unlikely that revenues will increase.

"I do not believe this budget is conservative by any definition of the term, and I will not vote for it," Rothschild said.  "No budget can be considered conservative if routine recurring expenditures exceed routine recurring revenues."

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Bartlett-Frazier also said that she would have liked to see a $16 million surplus spent differently. She said a conservative budget would have used that money to pay down debt or to make a one-time payment as opposed to building recurring costs into the budget.

Commissioner Haven Shoemaker defended the budget.

"This budget helps Carroll County reduce debt obligation by 11 percent plus provides tax relief this year by taking a penny off the tax rate," Shoemaker said.  "To characterize that as anything but conservative makes no sense whatsoever. I am 100 percent in support of the proposed budget."

The fiscal year 2013 budget is a $10.5 million or 3 percent increase over the fiscal year 2012 budget. Education funding is up $5 million, or 2.9 percent, over fiscal year 2012.

View the entire budget on the Carroll County government website.

Roland Joseph Meerdter June 01, 2012 at 06:38 PM
It had to have been physically and mentally exhausting on our Commissioners to handle the budget process as they did. Days running into late nights hearing competent persons (sometimes personel friends) pleading for monies for worthy government objectives which the Commissioners knew from the start they had an empty purse for funding yet they allowed all to make their case. I suspect this budget production will change for next year. I too am one of the disinchanted who did not get what I need to help save lives in the area of under twenty-one drinking and other things: An under age women is involved in having been taken advantage of (Rape and sexual molestation) by two different men, according to an account in our Carroll County Times. Vehicle carnage and other really "BAD" things occur because of underage drinking. Right now the Liquor Board has no way to properly enforce certain laws, but I an hopeful and prayerful that we can work with the Commissioners and solved this critical issue once budget matters settle down
Jordan Novgrod June 27, 2012 at 01:44 AM
"Worthy Government Objectives" their is only one, guaranteeing liberty to every individual. The government caters to their personal interests and those of the special interest groups that have time and resource to lobby. In this case the teachers unions. They successfully framed the debate to raises for the teachers, which who could be against, after all they have not received a raise for over 4 years? Unfortunately the data shows that they could easily afford raises for the teachers by getting rid of some of the bureaucrats in the Central Offices of the Carroll County Department of Education. A little known fact is that there are over 130 bureaucrats in this central office making greater than $90,000 while not a single teacher in the county earns that much. For a point of reference the New York City Catholic Schools have a total of 26 bureaucrats in their central offices, which by contrast are educating more students than Carroll County.


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