Commissioners Plan to Talk Trash on Feb. 28

A solid waste forum is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 28 at Carroll Community College.

Carroll County officials and residents have been talking trash for a long time.

In 2009, the previous board of Carroll County commissioners partnered with Frederick County in planning to build a waste-to-energy (WTE) incinerator.

In its first year of office, the current board of commissioners did not formally discuss the WTE plans, which sparked community concern in both counties. The commissioners had a meeting date on their agenda at the end of January but it was postponed.

The commissioners have announced plans to host a forum, on Tuesday, Feb. 28, to discuss solid waste needs and options and Carroll County. According to a news release, the commissioners do not intend to discuss the Frederick County WTE project at the forum.

The forum will provide, according to the release, information to the board of county commissioners and the public concerning the county’s waste disposal needs. The information will review current services and demands as well as future projected needs and options for handling those needs.

Although incineration and waste-to- energy will be discussed as options for waste disposal, the specific arrangement made by the prior Board of Commissioners including its benefits and drawbacks will not be discussed, according to the release.

Presentations will be made by county staff and experts who will provide a review of the waste disposal options available to Carroll County. The agenda for the evening is as follows:


  • Welcome and introduction of moderator: Commissioner Doug Howard
  • Overview of Current Services and Demands: Tom Rio, Dept. of Planning

Speakers and Topics

  • Lori Scozzafava--Ways to handle solid waste today 
  • Ted Michaels--How Waste-to-Energy works and its benefits
  • John Carlton--Emerging solid waste technology
  • Thom Metzger--All aspects of recycling
  • Steven Chafitz--Governmental regulations and municipal solutions to solid waste with recycling
  • Nelson Widdel--Large-scale composting
  • Don West--WasteNOT! Carroll’s recommendations

Company Representatives

  • Energy Answers International
  • East Coast Resources
  • Diversified Energy Partners
  • Princeton Environmental Group
  • Smart E2 Solutions
  • IESI

Audience Questions

Audience Statements


The Forum will take place at the Carroll Community College, Building K Room 100 on Tuesday, Feb. 28 at 7 p.m.


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