Delegate Ready Announces Legislative Scholarship Award Recipients

Delegate Justin Ready awarded scholarships to 74 Carroll County students.

Del. Justin Ready of the Maryland General Assembly, District 5A is pleased to announce the award of college scholarships to 74 students from Carroll County for the academic year of 2012-2013. 

“I wish these students all the best as they pursue their education and appreciate the hard work of my scholarship committee in evaluating all the applicants,” Del. Ready said in a statement.


The students receiving Delegate Ready’s Legislative Scholarship are:

Kimberly McShane-

Matthew Miller-University of MD College Park

Cynthia Davey- University of MD College Park

Cristal Fortino-McDaniel College

Ian LeVee- Loyola

Jesse Turner III- University of MD College Park

Alexandra Guerriero-Salisbury University

Jennifer Lyons-McDaniel College

Haelee Pettingill-St Mary’s College

Rachel Johnsson-Community College Baltimore County

Melody Bishop-Washington College

Katelyn Craig-Community College of Baltimore County

Christina Love-University MD Baltimore

Sarah Bacon-Stevenson

Kelly Harry-Stevenson

Matthew Korotki-

Jennifer Dannettel- Towson University

Carson Fogarty-University MD Baltimore County

Rachyl Kohler- University MD Baltimore County

Amber Slater-McDaniel College

Toni Norris-Towson University

Tirzah Bartley-Temple University

Lorne Haines- University MD Baltimore County

Torrey Kelly-John Hopkins

Juliana Ottomano-McDaniel College

Francesca Raimond-Washington College

Hannah Smith-Stevenson

Sarah Watcher- McDaniel College

Ryan Breen-McDaniel College

Sarah Greul-Towson University

Zachary Hands-University MD College Park

Abigail MacLean-Blevins- St. Mary’s College

Alex Hviding-Stevenson

Megan Harrison-Washington College

Kate Hudson-McDaniel

Jesse Hurley- University MD College Park

Brooke Jordon- University MD College Park

Jacklyn McGrath University MD College Park

David Langan-Hood College

Randi Lindsay-University MD Baltimore County

Joshua Stonko- University MD College Park

Justin Dudley-Stevenson

Amanda Green-Stevenson

Kelly Parr- Salisbury University

Lauren Rose-Stevenson

Sarah Smith-Carroll Community College

Brittany Tyler-McDaniel College

Ryan Kelley-Towson University

Lindsay Kermisch-University of MD College Park

Renee Duff-Millersville University

Daniel Wilson-Mt St Mary’s

Zachary Dudley-Univ MD College Park

Cory Maks-Univ MD College Park

Abigail Murphy-Goucher

Bryce Davidson-Towson University

Daniel Stonko- University MD Baltimore County

Olivia Wolf-Stevenson

Heather Jackson-Carroll Community College

Ashley Kitzmiller-Hood College

David Stonko- University MD Baltimore County

Rebecca Wagman-University MD College Park

Cassandra Becker-Carroll Community College

Corie Drgos-Carroll Community College

Brianna Harding- Norte Dame

Matthew Streett-Dallas Baptist

Jacob Weaver- University MD Baltimore County

Danielle Wentz-Univ MD College Park

Anthony Wentz-Frostburg College

Shannon Dawson-Stevenson

Daniel Kelley-Univ MD College Park

Jared Schultz-Carroll Community College

Megan Bach-Towson

Timothy Kelley-Univ MD College Park

Jonathan Moore-Towson





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