Delegate Ready Announces Legislative Scholarship Program

Legislative scholarships are available for students in District 5A.

Delegate Justin Ready is accepting applications for District 5A legislative scholarships.

Graduating seniors and college students in District 5A who are enrolled in Maryland higher education institutions may apply for this scholarship. Students may enroll in an academic institution out of state if they are pursuing a unique major not offered in the state of Maryland.

“For decades, General Assembly Legislative Scholarships have helped many students with the costs of attending college in Maryland, and as a product of Carroll Community College and Salisbury University, I’m glad to serve as a conduit to help current and future students,” Delegate Ready said in a statement.

Students may use the House of Delegate’s Scholarship towards undergraduate studies or graduate studies, and may attend full or part-time while pursuing a college degree. Full-time attendance is defined as twelve credits per semester for undergraduate students and part-time attendance is defined as six to eleven credits per semester for undergraduate students.

To find out about eligibility requirements or ask any other questions, contact Delegate Ready’s office at 410-841-3070 or via email at Justin.Ready@house.state.md.us.


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