DNC Check In: 'Michelle Obama Looks Like America'

Corynne Courpas, checking in with Patch from the Democratic National Convention, said Michelle Obama was incredible as she addressed convention-goers Tuesday night.

Corynne Courpas is no stranger to the Democratic National Convention as she served as a delegate at the 2004 convention. She has been active in the Carroll County Democratic Central Committee since 1990, and has served in officer positions, including her current position as treasurer. 

This article will be updated as Courpas sends new information. 


Sept. 5, 10 a.m.

Walking into the Time Warner Cable Arena last night for the beginning of the Democratic National Convention reminded me of why I love this stuff so much. Just inside the hall we ran into David Gregory interviewing Jesse Jackson.  We have "breakfast" with David and "Meet the Press" every Sunday and it was such a thrill to be able to say hello and shake his hand.  Although security was tight and heavy, they were able to get us through in minutes.

Throughout the night we heard real Americans whose lives have been changed for the better by the work of the last four years. Along with familiar names like Lilly Ledbetter and Tammy Duckworth, America was introduced to citizens previously unknown.  A wounded veteran told his story of benefiting from the Obama GI bill.  A young man told his story of how Pell grants allowed him to go to college even after his parents both died of extended illnesses.  A young family moved the convention with their story of how the Affordable Care Act erased lifetime caps on critical care.  Their young daughter was born with a heart defect and was in danger of reaching her lifetime cap before she reached six months.

Our hearts swelled with pride when our friend and Governor Martin O'Malley made his way to the podium to deliver the theme for the week.  His rhetoric, capped off with the chant "Forward not Backward" was met with thousands of colorful signs and cheers.  There was talk in the hall from our neighbors in other states that our Governor may have a bright future in higher office ahead of him.

 Michelle Obama was incredible. She may not look like any other First Lady in History, but she looks like America.  She came from a middle class family with a father, diagnosed with MS but continuing to work hard every day to make his kids future brighter.  She cares about her country, loves her kids and supports her husband.  Her understanding of what middle class families go through every day to balance work and parenting responsibilities was evident.  The fact that she and the President sit down to dinner with the kids every night and discuss these issues, I'm sure help shape the Administrations work.

We capped off the night with a  slice of pizza and a glass of wine at a reception hosted by Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. I turned to my husband and said tonight is why I love America!

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