Fiora Announces Run for Carroll County Sheriff in 2014

Chris Fiora has lived in Carroll County for 20 years.

Chris Fiora said that he would focus on reducing crime in Carroll County among other things if he were elected Sheriff. 

Fiora and his wife Carmela moved to Carroll County from Montgomery County 20 years ago. One of his children is a South Carroll High School graduate and the other is currently a student at South Carroll. 

Since moving to Carroll County, Fiora said he worked as a Deputy United States Marshal in Baltimore and as a Special Agent for the Department of Homeland Security in Washington, DC.

Why do you want to be Sheriff of Carroll County?

Fiora: The Sheriff of any county is the last chance in ensuring that the United States Constitution and State Constitution is supported and protected.  The Sheriff is the constitutional authority, the buffer between State and Federal laws that infringe on the constitutionally guaranteed rights of the citizens of the country and the local jurisdiction the Sheriff serves.   

I want to change the culture in the sheriff’s office from reactive to proactive.  I want to empower the citizens of Carroll County to be engaged in efforts to fight crime in their neighborhoods.  

What are two of the most critical issues you believe are facing the Sheriff’s Office today?

Fiora: Clearly, one of the most critical issues facing the Sheriff’s Office today is the rising crime rate in certain areas of the county.  A 64 percent increase in theft and a 23 percent increase in burglaries does not give me much confidence that the current Sheriff’s Office is up to the task of conducting viable law enforcement activities in an effort to reduce crime.  

The second most critical issue for the Sheriff’s Office today is their response time. I heard Col. Kasten report to the commissioners that the average response time in the county is 11 minutes.  When seconds count, the police are more than ten minutes away. There needs to be a concerted effort on the part of the Sheriff’s Office to find effective ways to reduce response time either by increasing the number of deputies available to respond, to include command staff that patrols the street or by developing a strategy with the municipalities to provide needed assistance when deputies are not available.  

Any particular areas/types of crime that you would focus on as Sheriff?

Fiora: I would focus on all criminal matters occurring within the county.  However, as I mentioned already, crime is up significantly in this county in certain areas.  Nevertheless, when you have double-digit increases in burglaries and thefts, it requires immediate attention and community involvement.

What, if anything, do you believe needs to be improved or changed in the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office?

Fiora: I believe that there are internal issues that need to be resolved and improved within the Sheriff’s Office.  Without getting into too much detail, the integrity of the office needs to be repaired.  Once that is accomplished then relationships with other agencies, such as the State’s Attorneys Office, can be repaired as well.  I will work with the State’s Attorney to ensure a professional working relationship.

To learn more about Chris Fiora and his position on issues, visit his website www.fioraforsheriff.com.

Two other candidates, Capt. Jim DeWees and Cpl. Phil Kasten, have announced their candidacy for Carroll County Sheriff in the 2014 election. Current Sheriff Ken Tregoning said he will not run again for Sheriff. 

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lins June 11, 2013 at 01:33 PM
Based on the reviews of the candidates that I have just read, you currently stand out as the right man for this job. Good Luck.
Larry Robinson June 16, 2013 at 06:47 PM
Ask him what he thinks about the 2nd amendment? It concerns me he came from Montgomery County.


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