Gov. O'Malley Living in a Fantasy Land, Says Carroll's Delegate Ready

Two of Carroll County's state representatives weigh in on Gov. O'Malley's State of the State Address.

Gov. Martin O'Malley. Credit: Patch File Photo
Gov. Martin O'Malley. Credit: Patch File Photo
In his last State of the State Address, Gov. Martin O’Malley touted his administration’s achievements and explained his vision for how the state’s economy will prosper in the future. Some of Carroll's representatives weighed in after the address, suggesting O'Malley is living in a fantasy land. 

Delegate Justin Ready (R-Carroll) said “Governor O’Malley’s State of the State Address was more a state of Fantasy Island."  

Ready said that in spite of what O'Malley said about his successes with the economy, that he believes O'Malley's economic policies have negatively impacted citizens and businesses. 

“The Governor talks about helping the middle class and improving the economy but 80 tax and fee hikes and a 32 percent increase in state spending during his administration are actions that are inconsistent with that goal,” Ready said in a statement.

O'Malley admitted the state’s glitch-filled health care exchange website has failed to live up to expectations.

“The health care website failed to perform as designed when it was launched—a source of great frustration—especially for those who were trying to obtain health care for the first time,” O’Malley said.

Senate Minority Leader David Brinkley (R-Carroll) and Ready agree that the "botched" rollout of the state's health care exchange has cost Marylanders millions.

"Governor O’Malley and Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown had hoped their crowning achievement would be Maryland’s implementation of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare," Brinkley said in a statement. "Instead, it is the model of governmental and bureaucratic malpractice. Additional information is coming out about the colossal failure of this initiative every day." 

O’Malley also used his speech to talk about his administration’s fiscal discipline in cutting the state budget $9.1 billion, nearly eliminating a $1.7 billion structural deficit and building the state’s Rainy Day Fund to $800 million.  

Brinkley said that he disagrees with O'Malley's math.

"But the reality is this: his first budget was just over $29.5 billion; the budget he submitted to the Legislature last week is nearly $39.5 billion," Brinkley said.  That’s almost 33 percent more spending over the course of their two terms."

Ready and Brinkley also spoke out against the "burdensome rain tax," Maryland's dependance on the federal government and policies that they say hurt small business.

Want more? Watch O’Malley’s address.  

What do you think? Has Maryland fared well under O'Malley's reign? 

Patch editor Deb Belt contributed to this article. 
Buck Harmon January 24, 2014 at 08:28 AM
Typical liberal illusion address...a cheap, lying blunderer that reads from the same teleprompter, or cue cards as Obama...bullshit perceived accomplishments while making hollow excuses for many failures. His voice quivered with lack of confidence in what he was saying...it's what lying politicians do.
JoeEldersburg January 24, 2014 at 04:06 PM
Only O'Malley's mystery math could make a $10 billion increase in the state's budget be counted as a $9.1 billion reduction! His management has been a joke, but Maryland's legislature is actually even worse. Unlike the the federal exchange, which had many a detractor, Maryland's $170 million health exchange faced no political obstacles and was adequately funded by most measures. Yet still was one of the biggest flops in the country! No oversight, no accountability! I have finally found something I agree with Richard Rothschild about...we need to apportion state senators 2 per county to bring back some accountability to state government. Single party rule is as stifling to the State of Maryland, as it is to Carroll County!
JoeEldersburg January 24, 2014 at 04:18 PM
Just to clarify for people like Buck & Pam, who may accuse me of changing my mind...I'm not saying that the exchange is/was a bad idea, nor have I ever been a supporter of O'Malley or the legislature (or our delegation). They are all fairly worthless politicians in word and deed. Justin Ready is an authority on nothing, he just likes to hear himself talk.
Buck Harmon January 24, 2014 at 06:45 PM
Disclaimer acknowledged Joe E..
removeThisAccountPlease January 25, 2014 at 10:06 AM
The democrats are over taxing and over regulating anything and everything that moves in MD then taxing it again. food, gas, cigarettes, bay bridge toll, rain tax, state tax raised from 5 to 6%,…. They never have enough of our money they always want more. MD and AA County are expensive areas to live in... I don't mind paying some taxes to a point... but it's been abused for a long time… Every week is a struggle to meet basic needs for many Marylanders. But that don’t stop the democrats from raising taxes any chance they get! if you work for the government, you are protected from bad economic times. You have a steady good paying job with good benefits and good pay no matter what the economy is doing. Not so if you work in the private sector… at some point someone has to step up and say NO to raising taxes yet again..
DeDe January 26, 2014 at 10:42 AM
He is the Obama of Maryland and if we elect Brown we'll have four more years of the same. Higher taxes and fees on everything. People are moving out of Maryland and going to states that are friendlier to business and people.
removeThisAccountPlease January 26, 2014 at 11:17 AM
lol Obama of MD. I totally agree. A long time childhood friend of mine left MD because of high taxes. he creates and runs several small businesses, and he creates jobs for people. he left MD because he can't afford to do business here anymore or to live here (cost of living here is too much). The small business person and self employed/entrepreneur that works hard gets punished in this state...
Pam Hamburg January 26, 2014 at 06:31 PM
Believe it or not, JoeE, there are several Dem things I agree with. As far as this discussion goes, I am totally with everyone, even you, lol! It's bad enough that I get raped by the feds, but I think MD is even worse as far as my wallet goes. This entire administration, from O'Malley, Miller, Busch, Brown, etc., on down needs to GO! I dread thinking of the damage they'll do in their last year. Not to mention, once a tax is passed, it's dang hard to get it repealed.
JoeEldersburg January 28, 2014 at 10:00 AM
O'Malley's hipocrasy on marijuana is pretty funny too. He's all for expanding gambling, which preys on the very people HE says would be hurt by legalizing marijuana. He and his tax greedy administration have rolled out the red carpet for the casino interests, paring back the taxes on gambling and greasing the skids for casino development in the name of "job creation". There is so much "dirty money" going to Maryland politicians now that the citizens of the state will never get a fair shake. If you want to know what Maryland will look like in 20 years, just take a look at Atlantic City. All the gambling money is sucked out by New Jersey and the major gaming interests, while the city remains a filthy, crime infested mess with high unemployment and rampant drug use. Nice model for Maryland to follow, huh?
Buck Harmon January 28, 2014 at 10:04 AM
Completely agree JoeE...
Buck Harmon January 28, 2014 at 10:10 AM
Massive corruption has always been fueled by the gambling industry. MD has some of the most corrupt elected officials in the US. We are being led by mere corruption at every level and there 's not a damn thing being done about it at this point. Apathy rules...
removeThisAccountPlease January 28, 2014 at 11:22 AM
don't forget the others that I've been trying to vote out for years and it never works... Cardin, Mikulski, Hoyer....they all need to go, and likely never will since MD is such a liberal state.
Pam Hamburg January 28, 2014 at 12:46 PM
One more thing to note re: the casinos. All revenue from casinos was SUPPOSED to go to education. To date, NONE has.
JoeEldersburg January 28, 2014 at 07:42 PM
I remember it actually as education AND horse racing...slots were such a "bad" idea when it was Ehrlich's, but as soon as it was O'Malley's, it was such a good idea that they were compelled to expand it to table games and even substantially roll back the tax rate for the gambling interests without even a study to support the decision. The first casino licenses required bidders to make $15 million non-refundable sealed bids. Now Caeser's (Horseshoe) & MGM can simply say they want to invest a few hundred million in real estate development, get the localities to roll over with the promise of "economic development" and away they go. The political dirtbags in the legislature just bend over backwards to sell out the public interests, pretending all the while that they are not the direct beneficiaries of all the dirty money. What a joke!
Pam Hamburg January 31, 2014 at 11:38 AM
Thanks, JoeE. I completely forgot about horse racing. This lame duck governor and his ilk are going to try to shove thru as much as they can before leaving office this year. Mark my words on that one. Hold onto your wallets....and everything else you can think of.


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