Health Department Proposes Fee Changes

The Carroll County Board of Commissioners will hear public input through July 24.

The Carroll County Health Department Bureau of Environmental Health has submitted a proposal to the to change the current fee schedule.

If adopted, these changes will become effective September 1, 2012.

The Carroll County Commissioners will meet on July 24, 2012, in the afternoon session, sitting as the Board of Health, to consider the proposed fee schedule.
Comments may be made in advance via email at commissioners@ccg.carr.org, by phone at 410-386-2043 or mail at Commissioners’ Office, 225 North Center Street, Westminster, Maryland 21157. The public is also welcome to attend the Commissioners’ Open Session on July 24 to comment in person.

The proposed fees are listed below and on the Health Department’s website http://www.carrollhealthdepartment.dhmh.md.gov.


Category Carroll County Proposed Fee High Priority Food Facility $275 Moderate Priority Food Facility $200 Low Priority Food Facility $75 Late Fee $50 Temporary Food Service Facility $25 Farmers Market Sampling $25 Temporary Vendor/ Baked Goods $15 Late Fee $5 Food Service Plan Review New $100 Food Service Plan Review Remodel $100 HACCP Plan Review $75 Well Permit $160 Septic Permit Trenches $150 Septic Permit (Mound/Pre-treatment) $250 Septic Repair and Evaluation $100 Commercial Systems $250 Subdivision Review (3 lots or less) $100 Subdivision Review (4 lots or more) $100+$25/lot Commercial Sites <2,000 GPD $100 Commercial Sites >=2,000 GPD $200 Public Water and Sewer Plans
(subdivision or site) $50 per plan Percolation Tests (Trench Systems)* $200

Percolation Tests (Mound Systems
and Commercial Sites)*


* Percolation Test Fees cover testing conducted, including re-locating on a site done in the field, during the scheduled testing date(s).

Information in this article was taken from a Carroll County government news release.


Dan Schaller July 16, 2012 at 02:40 PM
I was unable to find the current fee schedule on the Health Department web site and an email to the only email address I found on that site was returned as undeliverable, so I am unable to make comparisons between the current fees and the proposed fees. However, comparing the proposed fees to each other, it strikes me that fees that would impact individuals and small businesses most are considerably higher than those that impact development corporations. Given the current economy and our need for successful small businesses, it seems counter-productive to add any more tax or fee burden to such entrepreneurial businesses. Given the glut of new housing in the county, it seems unwise to make it easier for housing developers to increase housing stock than it is for small businesses to succeed. Additional subdivisions will increase the infrastructure burden in the county at a time when county government wants to reduce infrastructure development and maintenance spending. While more subdivisions and added housing stock might benefit real estate brokers and developers, and in a small way assist workers in the construction field, their impact on the vast majority of Carroll County taxpayers would be detrimental. I recommend reviewing this fee structure with an eye toward reducing the fees for small businesses, making up any income shortfall by increasing the fees for subdivision development.
Kym Byrnes (Editor) July 16, 2012 at 04:12 PM
Hi Dan. I'm checking to see if there is a current fee schedule posted for comparison purposes. In the meantime, here are current fees for a few categories as posted on the site: High Priority Facility: $150.00 Medium Priority Facility: $115.00 Low Priority Facility: $60.00 Temporary Facility: No charge I have a call in to the Health Department to see if they have a complete current fee schedule posted on the site or available elsewhere.
Kym Byrnes (Editor) July 16, 2012 at 07:16 PM
Ok, here are other current fees to compare to the proposed increases. This is what the Health Department sent me, I'm not sure the line items/descriptions match up completely with the document in the article. Well Applications: $80 Monitoring Wells: $40 Well Tag Replacement: $5 New Gravity Septic applications $60 Other than Gravity Septic Applications: $100 Percolation Tests - Conventional: $100 Percolation Tests - Infiltrometer: $150 Plan Review Sewage System 2,000 gallons: $100 Plan Review Water System 2,000 gallons: $100 Subdivision Review for over 4 lots w/wells: $5/lot Plan Review fee after 3rd revision: $5/lot Well & Septic Reinspection after 3rd inspection: $25 Well/Septic Application Cancelled after Submission and before site inspection: $25 Water and/or Septic Completion Certificates $15


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