Mayor and Common Council Aug. 27 Meeting Agenda

The Mayor and Common Council will meet Monday, Aug. 27 to discuss infrastructure bonds, a broadband study and a town/county agreement, among other things.

Agenda for the Mayor and Common Council Meeting of August 27, 2012.

1. Call to Order

  • Reappointment of Greg Goodell to the Historic District Commission
  • Public Hearing on CDA Infrastructure Bonds, 2012 Series B- Gary Ehlers & Charlie Day
  • Public Hearing on Community Development Block Grant application- Marge Wolf

2. Approval of the minutes of August 13, 2012
3. Consent Calendar

  • July 2012 Departmental Operating Reports

4. Report from the Mayor
5. Reports from Standing Committees
6. Ordinances and Resolutions

  • Resolution No. 12-03- Submission of an application to the State of Maryland for Small Cities Community Development Block Grant Funds
  • Resolution No. 12-05- Approval of CDA Infrastructure Bonds, 2012 Series B
  • Resolution No. 12-06- Accepting the conveyance of lots 5 through 9 inclusive as shown on a plat entitled “Union Crossing” from Episcopal Housing Corporation and authorizing the Mayor to execute all documents necessary to effectuate the transfer.

7. Unfinished Business

  • None as of August 24, 2012

8. New Business

  • Approval to conduct Broadband Study- Joanne Hovis
  • Approval of Certificate of Satisfaction for Episcopal Housing- Marge Wolf
  • Approval of the Town/County Agreement- Marge Wolf
  • Approval of Agricultural Center Agreement/ Gesell Well No. A-1081- Marge Wolf
  • Motion to convene Executive Session following the regular meeting

9. Department Reports
10. Citizen Comments
12. Executive Session


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