First Landlord Registers in Westminster's New Landlord Licensing Program

Westminster Landlords are required to register with the city by June 1.

A city official reported at a recent Westminster Common Council meeting that the city has received its first application and payment in the newly formed landlord licensing program.

In late January, the Mayor and Common Council voted to implement the Landlord Licensing ordinance after nearly nine months of research, public hearings and discussion. A Rental Licensing & Inspection Program Task Force was created by the Common Council last spring to conduct research and propose ordinance language.

Westminster's Director of Housing and Preservation Services Thomas Beyard said that the first application and payment has been received. He said information about the landlord licensing program is available on the city's website and more information is forthcoming including a FAQ and a handout for tenants and one for landlords.

According to the city's webpage, the Rental Housing License Program becomes effective June 1, 2013. The annual license fee is $20 per unit and every rental unit must be licensed with the city before it can be rented or leased.

A mass mailing will go to out landlords with information about the ordinance and according to Beyard, the city will host four different public information sessions to answer people's questions.

Beyard added that the city is working with a local vendor to create a web-based application so the application and payment can be completed over the internet. That feature likely won't be ready until next year Beyard said.



WestMonster February 14, 2013 at 03:12 PM
You might be correct if Westminster's program gave inspectors the right to enter without permission or a warrant. This is no different than the property maintenance code already in place for years, except that now a license is required to ensure there's a penalty against negligent landlords.
watch dog February 16, 2013 at 12:33 PM
Seems like the City and the Council is always finding ways to generate more money. In this case,most of the money will give someone a job at top salary. HMMMMM who do they have in mind? Does anyone know why the City did a reorganization to give a person that was hired to fill a slot while a person was on military duty? What a waste of money.


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