Your 'Frankenstorm' Dashboard: Track Hurricane Sandy

The hurricane is expected to touch either the Mid-Atlantic or New England regions early next week, according to FEMA officials on Friday. Here are ways to track its progress.

Hurricane Sandy will likely touch the Mid-Atlantic or New England regions by early next week, and its force is expected to exceed what was known as 'The Perfect Storm' of 1991.

It was also an east-to-west storm, like Sandy, and produced waves of 10-30 feet from North Carolina to Nova Scotia, as well as gusts up to 78 mph.

That means that the Baltimore area will likely get a taste of Sandy's very high winds, rains—and power outages that have been forecast.

Meanwhile, Gov. Martin O'Malley declared a state of emergency on Friday, in anticipation of Sandy's possible arrival in Maryland late Sunday or early next week.

After Sandy reaches our area, it will then be pushed west toward Pennsylvania where it could leave 8 inches or more of snow in higher elevations, according to experts at Federal Emergency Management Agency who gave a telephone press conference Friday.

The storm will likely turn northeast on Tuesday toward New England, they said.

FEMA has provided ways for you to follow along as they track the latest information and location of the storm.

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