Watch: Third Graders Bring Historic Figures to Life at St. John Catholic School

The living wax museum was part of a class project.

Third graders at St. John Catholic School in Westminster turned the cafeteria into a living wax museum Wednesday as they brought historic figures to life.

Third grade teacher Peggy Warner said the students developed the project over several weeks. The students started by reading a biography, then completing a book report and a poster. Finally, they brought their characters to life for the wax museum.

"The kids get excited and inspired," Warner said. "They work very hard and they really get into the project."

The students get to choose who will they research and the characters were diverse—from Abraham Lincoln to Michael Phelps and Katie Perry to Pocohontas.

Alissa Swan said she chose to be Laura Ingalls Wilder because "the more I read her books, the more interested I was in her."

Lily Beagham chose to be Pocohontas. She said her motivation was "because I like Disney Princesses and I like her dress."

She added that the most interesting thing she learned about Pocohontas is that "she saved Captain John Smith's life by putting her head on top of his when the Indians were going to kill him."

Alma Partenza decided to go the rock n' roll route with Elvis. She said that she got the idea for Elvis when she saw a man sing "Hound Dog" on America's Got Talent.

"The most interesting thing," Partenza said, "is that out of all the people, he picked Priscilla. I also learned what the draft is."

Deborah L. Kennedy February 01, 2013 at 12:57 AM
Great Article/Video Patch! Great job St. John students!! GO EAGLES!


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