Get O's Tickets For Cheap—Or Free—This Week

The Orioles remain in the playoff hunt—how do you think the Birds will finish?

Hundreds of Orioles fans will see two baseball games Monday for just $4.

That's a tremendous deal.

Actually, they may be able to do even better this week.

How's a playoff-caliber atmosphere sound at a reasonable price of $0?

Yes, in the final homestand of the 2012 season in a city where a team can lock in on a playoff spot, fans can see free baseball.

And no, we're not talking about the bonus baseball these Orioles seem to enjoy playing after nine innings are complete.

Check it out.

The Orioles offer a deal for a free ticket to all fans as a birthday gift. You don't have to take it on your birthday. You don't even have to take it on your birthday month. You can take it in September.

Shows how unexpected this playoff run was, huh?

Read all the details here.

The deal doesn't apply to "prime games," which eliminates the series against Boston to close out the home schedule.

So the final two games in the series against Toronto are fair game.

Tickets aren't guaranteed. So an unlimited number of vouchers can be handed out, but only a limited number of tickets exist. And be sure to check the rules about when and how you can acquire the tickets. 

Worst-case, you can still land your $8 seats in left field. That's still a fantastic deal—just the latest example of the Orioles' smooth moves off the field.

If you can manage things as well as Buck Showalter has this year, you'll have that $8 in your pocket.

Happy birthday.

And if things go well this week, happy postseason!

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